To revoke the 10mph speed limit on Lake Windermere and to force the Lake District National Park Authority to develop a managed solution that will allow the use of powered boats at speeds above 10mph and allow us to enjoy water-skiing once again on Englands largest lake.

Why is this idea important?

When the Labour Government introduced the 10mph speed limit on Lake Winderemere, England’s largest lake, it did it at the request on the unelected quango, the Lake District National ParK Authority. From that moment on, virtually all power-boat owners and water-skiers were forced off the lake which resulted in a huge loss of income to the surrounding area.

Families are now forced to enjoy thier passtime in the sea where conditions are not ideal and it is often unsafe. Lake Windermere is now a ghost of it’s former self, dead and lifeless.

There are many more lakes in the Lake District that those wishing peace and quiet can go if the speed limit is removed from Windermere and the powerboats return. It is part of our heritage.

For the sake of the millions of boaters in the country, for the sake of the thousands of ex-Windermere boaters, for the sake of the Windermere economy, revoke the 10mph Speed Limit on Windermere and force the National Park to implement a managed solution (such as enforced training and certification for lake users).

We have nowhere else to go.

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  1. There is plenty of room on the lake for everyone to share. Revoke the 10mph speed limt now. (A Local resident)

  2. Totally insane just bought a speed boat and to have a speed limit on Windermere is besare they should cone to some arrangement killing the fun and the good days out with the family

  3. The worst case of an unelected Quango with a preconceived objective steam rollering local businesses I’ve ever heard.
    I used to spend hundreds of pounds a year in Windermere when we used to waterski.
    Has anyone actually objectively quantified the benefits the speed limit has brought?

  4. Revoke the ban immediately. The nanny state just spoils all out fun. The only people who benefit from the ban are just fossils anyway!

  5. It seems that the thoughtless heavy handedness of bureaucracy has not considered the implications of a blanket covering speed limit. I am sure I am just one person of many thousands that have had their enjoyment not only ruined but the have found that the glut of used powerboats on the market means our most prized possessions have devalued. Thought should be given to rezoning the speed limits and give one “end” of the lake back to powerboat users.

  6. Totally insane the speed limit, I like most people used the lake most weekends during the summer now boat has been moved on and all the enjoyment has been taken away

  7. please please, scrap the speedlimit on the biggest lake in england, i feel that my son and daughter have missed out on all the good times we once had on our speedboat. if it was lifted i would be back in an instance spending my hard earned money.that would be generated back into the community

  8. Used Ullswater for many years until the speed restriction then moved to Windermere & was happy to pay the fees. Now I’m limited to the sea with a couple of weeks on Scotlands west coast. Obviously I’m not alone & the effect on the local economy must have been detrimental . Give water skiers a part of the lake to enjoy their sport on what is a huge expanse of water.

  9. It took an un elected Quango to finally push through this ridiculous limit. I am the 3rd generation of my family to ski on Windermere, but my children, nieces and nephews are denied that family enjoyment. With the infrastructure already in place, managing numbers of properly handled and insured boats would be a simple task. Fair use of Englands largest lake for ALL.

  10. We have all gone round the houses over this issue. At the end of the day we are morally entitled to a public lake to enjoy the sport of waterskiing. My wife and I have decided against Florida or the Canaries and to retire to Windermere with a view to enjoying a quality sportsboat. The LDNPA are vigourously attempting to stamp out our sport on this lake at any cost. From what we have seen in recent months, the waterskiing fraternity in the North of England are just as determined to fight to the bitter end which is not what the LDNPA had envisaged. At this moment in time the park rangers have only one boat and have decided to invest in a high speed catamaran for next season. They have already achieved a successful prosecution because the ‘experienced ranger’ thought that the offender was speeding, so on it goes. The only way forward is for all waterskiiers on Windermere to form a Windermere Waterskiiers Association where we can discuss a strategy for the future in the same vein as the LDNPA. They refuse to even discuss a compromise on the speed limit, therefore we must up the stakes and play them at their own game and incorporate more sophisticated tactics.

    1. Is there any lakes i can take my speed boat that you know of please. i would be very grateful of any information.

      thank you

  11. Like others I had a speed boat and water – skied on Ullswater and Windermere for many years. My first boat was a 14 ft Fletcher called “Red Pepper” and we enjoyed many good times on the lake. In a way it was probably through the boat that me and many of my friends “fell in love” with the lake district and returned again and again, still do, although it’s not the same. 29/03/05 was a sad day for us – (the day the “ban” started)
    I would say let it return although numbers would probalbly have to be restricted. As for the so called danger how many hill walkers are killed each year enjoying their pastime yet they are allowed to continue despite the damage they do to the fells, not to mention the expence incurred to the taxpayer when they get lost and have to be rescued (often by helicopter!!) – come on this isn’t fair! We need some form of democratic action could the local residents of Cumbria put this to a vote?

  12. Don’t let the speed limit stop you enjoying a great physically demanding sport. The lake is 10 miles long and can’t be policed in every area. Go out early,go out late, keep a lookout. Let’s see people skiing again on windermere.
    Wakeboard at low speed until “they” tire of watching you. Feel the exhilaration of monoing down the lake at 35mph.

    1. Thank you for that, we are taking your advice and taking our boat up to Windermere next week – we used to ski and board up until the ban but have not been up to the Lakes since

  13. Hi, what a silly and embarrassing situation we are in due to the national trust recruitment over ‘RANGER BOATS’ looking after our so called bad lake district speed boat user.

    i had just launched with my fletcher
    SPEED BOAT hoping to do some fishing on one of your precious lakes and told i had been speeding and should be SUNK!! it was not me and me having to chase you up and explain this i should not have had to do , because my son 8 years old thinks you want to sink us. You are an embarrassing set of people and your apology is not accepted. You Are not in anyway people that know about boats etc has you explained. ‘we are new to this’

  14. get rid of the stupid speed limit and let the place thrive i remember when windermere was so busy u couldnt move and now its a ghost town

  15. I was a boat owner on the lake at the time the speed limit was introduced I owned 18ft sports boat I did not ski but I do sail as well, and I have sailed on the lake doing the winter series for 12 years at the said time I have also took part in the Cowes round the island race on a 40ft sailing vessel within the last four years. May I point out to you now I personally put forward a good management plan for the lake and it was sent to the house of parliament to the then said sports minister at the time I did receive a reply along with some paper work but my plan was never put into place.IT seemed to me that my plan was too easy to implement on the lake because it was a good one and it would have catered for all parties, as I was always present at the lake when I was sailing in the winter series or when on board my fletcher sports boat I was always observing movement on the lake, my proposal was the lake would be for the police and the wardens to manage the lake they had done such a good job over the last 30 years and more, I did not want the friends of the lake getting involved as they were too anti and not listing to all parties, and the best of all they were not sailors but just a load of land lubber busy bodies who were up the backsides of the LDNP, and lets all bear in mind its the Council who own the bed of the lake for the use of the people this was decided in the 1970s in another enquiry I guess the friends of the lake were never a round at that time. As I have said I put a plan forward and it was a good plan so easy to implement no problem, I got the gut feeling that no one wanted to listen or to implement it John Prescott was number one involved at the time and so was Chris Mullin the man that banned the guns, as I have said the lake was patrolled by the lake wardens and the police ad doing a fine job too, now then what do you think happened next well this is what happened the powers that be took the police patrol off the lake and the powers that be said their services was no longer required unbelievable isn’t it they took the police patrol of the lake for next two years the same amount of time that it took to implement the ban, during this time they were introducing Friends of the lake bodies into positions and jobs and giving them the task of what the police were doing, better still when the speed restriction came in they then put the police back on the lake, IT seems to me that they did not want to manage or patrol the lake at this time, instead they choose to let things go unmanaged unpatrolled unmonitored to the readers I put, What JUSTICE does this to do for the people and users of the lake who wanted to make the lake safer by implementing a management plan it was so easy to do. At the time John Prescott snowballed the ban in with the help of Chris Mullin because Prescott had been defeated previously by the Tory Party, Prescott and the labour party could not stand defeat and tried again for the ban so the Tory Party put the matter into the hands of the Queens Bench for it to be decided once and for all, it was during this time the Tory party lost the election Prescott saw his chance and took it, his statement at the time were words of No its not going in front of the Queens Bench IAM implementing it so he did do so, where is our Democracy now folks I will leave it with you, Maybe its time for the people to take it back to the Queens Bench because to me its the only way to do it.

  16. Lets do it, everyone lets get together and enjoy what’s ours, i will be on Windermere next year (2014) with my family on my ski boat learning my children to water ski in my own country and at my cost. We will be up most weekends and spending weeks on holiday. Like other ski/ boat user please stick together and don’t wander off to the coast/ loch lomand. We have the facilities here lets get together again and not go away. I am a power boat user with all certificates and 8 years experience and fully insured.
    Richard Pickering.
    mob: 07718791093

    ps. I am power boat user and will stick to the law of the lake.

  17. The speed limit not only killed everyone’s day out, but the local economy. Local businesses had to close and the lake today is empty. The lake is 12 miles long, if the ban could not be completely lifted, why not have half with and the other half without. And what happened to the present government saying they where going to lift the ban?

  18. Hi

    Mr Pickering I have water skied since I was 9 years old im now 49. Havent had a boat for 4 years because of an accident. Used to go to Abersoch / Coast etc..
    Really frustrated about the fact that we have the best facility in England to promote our young children into being involved in a fantastic sport/ hobby.
    We pay lots of tax on the fuel we spend money when were up there.
    I ve just bought a boat and will be up there with you.


  19. I am 57 and have been a speed boat owner since 1976 .I
    would fully support the speed limit being removed which would allow my family to return to Windermere and use what is a very safe place to enjoy waterskiing .
    There is a manageable solution instead of a farcical ban

  20. I agree. We sold our boat because of this ban and it has greatly affected my spare time outside of work. I and my family looked forward to spending the weekend on our boat and partaking in wake boarding or waterskiing,I haven’t done either for years now so one of my favourite past times has been taken away from me because of some fools. I could go elsewhere but I grew up enjoying the water in lake windermere and i don’t want to go elsewhere….nor should I have to. Everybody is entitled to enjoy the lake.Bowness is a shadow of its former self.

  21. Hi

    My family and I are jet skiers (holding a licence/ insurance) where we are a member of a North Wales boating club for the past 5 years, living in Cheshire. Last year we decided to purchase an 18ft Four Winns speed boat. Taking this out on the sea for the 1st time was bit hair raising when the weather changed, so I decided to take it on a lake where I could gain further experience. Windermere is the closest for me but I ended up in a log cabin next to lochlomand in Scotland. My boat was in moorings for the week on the local jetty which cost me £90, £650 for the logcabin, £500 spending money i.e. eating and drinking out locally for the week also not to mention the £120 to the filling station on the loch, we are planning to have another week there this year because we had such a great time, all this could of been spent around windermere putting back into the local economy if was worth taking our boat on!

  22. Hi Ya. I new to the area and was looking for a nice lake to do some speed boating and ski’ing. As I am from california, I am well experienced in boating and it is one of my favorite sports. I could NOT believe this 10knots law when I read it. These lake board members or whoever need to be shut down. Restore the life of this lake. As for my plans now, I unfortunately will not be visiting Windermere lake because there is nothing there for me todo under 11.5 mph.

  23. Just got back from a weekend in the lakedistrict we were based around Windermere, we would have gone for longer if we could have take the ski boat, but seamed pointless. The joke about it is each time we have been there this included, there is hardly every anyone on the lake using a boat!!! What a wast!!!! I can under stand thay don’t want jet skis going mental blasting up and down. But Ski and wake board boat don’t make laod of noise and don’t even need to be going too fast. If a speed limit has to be enforced why can’t it be 35 mph, you can then wake board, kneed board, water ski and mono ski. The lake is largenough to have designated increased speed zone if they don’t want to lift the whole restrictions.

  24. as a regular user of the lake and have been since i was 9 im now 53 we go on the lake as much as we can and launch at ferry nab and have no complaints the wardens have helped me on many occasions with lost keys etc we try to wake board with my sons away from anyone so as not to upset anyone but it nearly impossible at 10 knots all we need is 5 knots more and bingo w eare not looking to tear up and down the lake but what i can tell you is that when the steamers go by which are mostly occupied by Chinese camera men they all rush to watch and take pictures in other words (they love it to) so come on get sensible show some respect to our heritage and give us a chance before its all gone for good and we all move away from this ever increasingly stupidly run country no matter who is in power we don’t want the world just what was ours in the first place in my opinion its paramount to theft. they are more likely to legalize cannabis than let us enjoy our hobbies K

  25. Yet again we discuss the problem we as British people enjoying what’s ours.
    I have said over and over again the speed limit on Windermere should be addressed and not shoved to one side so our people with power boats enjoy our lake.

    Lake wardens should be removed from the lake! You was not that far off hitting a number of boats moored up last weekend on your checks!

    Lake RANGERS
    hopefully be able to police properly and fairly I have video evidence of your ranger boats ignoring certain events.

    Lets all get together and agree on a solution because this will never go away.

  26. Hi all

    Until we all stop using the beautiful lakes for boating there will be no change. I have a boat there and the boat begins with 72, as all boats are five digit numbers this means there are at least 72000 boats on the lake.

    United we stand, divided we all put useless points on this forum

    With love.


  27. I am not a speedboat user, or a water skier. I am a Cumbrian resident though and was at the lake a few weeks back, during the beautiful hot and sunny week we had here. It made my heart sink to see a handful of electric tourist boats virtually alone on the lake when it should have been packed solid with people enjoying the water like I remember from my younger days. How sad that some indifferent politician can make a decision that affected so many people in such a bad way.

  28. I would like to see some movement in set areas of the lake for a speed increase then people can choose weather or not to venture to this area ,but given some of the silly users I have seen on the lake this week personally I prefer it stayed in place for my safety and that of my children ,Ps I am a power boat user and we tow .

  29. Out of principle I refuse to take my family to the Lake District, I refuse to spend any money there since the ban. Simply because is it totally unnecesssary, there is plenty of space for everyone, and there are plenty of qualifications that can be compulsory for power boat users to have if using the lake. It’s a real shame. Hit them where it hurts, don’t spend any Money there.

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