To revoke the 10mph speed limit on Lake Windermere and to force the Lake District National Park Authority to develop a managed solution that will allow the use of powered boats at speeds above 10mph and allow us to enjoy water-skiing once again on Englands largest lake.

Why is this idea important?

When the Labour Government introduced the 10mph speed limit on Lake Winderemere, England's largest lake, it did it at the request on the unelected quango, the Lake District National ParK Authority. From that moment on, virtually all power-boat owners and water-skiers were forced off the lake which resulted in a huge loss of income to the surrounding area.


Families are now forced to enjoy thier passtime in the sea where conditions are not ideal and it is often unsafe. Lake Windermere is now a ghost of it's former self, dead and lifeless.


There are many more lakes in the Lake District that those wishing peace and quiet can go if the speed limit is removed from Windermere and the powerboats return. It is part of our heritage.


For the sake of the millions of boaters in the country, for the sake of the thousands of ex-Windermere boaters, for the sake of the Windermere economy, revoke the 10mph Speed Limit on Windermere and force the National Park to implement a managed solution (such as enforced training and certification for lake users).


We have nowhere else to go.

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