Revoke the law that allows court bailiffs (different to debt collectors) to break and enter someones home (not necessarily the person who accumulated the debts as they may have moved home) to take possessions to the value of the debt.  At the moment innocent people are being victimised by debt collectors and bailiffs because the previous tenant in their home accumulated debts.

Why is this idea important?

I live in rented accommodation and the previous tenant has lots of debt.  He has given a false address and I am continuously hounded by debt collectors who when I phone them and tell them I'm not the person they're after, just sell the debt on to another debt collector.  What worries me apart from my time and money spent on phone calls and letters is that if one of his parking fines continues to be unpaid and the case goes to court, he won't turn up as he won't have received the letters and then court fees are added to the charge.  The way the law stands, the court bailiffs (different to debt collectors who can only come in if you are foolish or naive enough to open the door to them) can break and enter into somebody's house while they are out and take goods to the value of the debt.  This in effect means that if I stay living in this house, eventually the courts will steal my stereo to pay the previous tenant's unpaid debts.  Now how can that be right?

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