Leave the EU. Assume a relationship with it like those of Switzerland and Norway. 

The moderator will respond with "Please understand that we won't able to respond to ideas that relate to laws and regulations that are outside the remit of central government – including those that fall under the jurisdiction of Europe. "

By such a response, so HMG ignores the wishes of the people, the majority of whom wish to leave and feel that membership of the EU is bad for Britain. 

Why is this idea important?

It will save money. Daily costs of EU membership are considerable, give no return and are, in our current bankrupt state, prohibitive. 

If the idea is not considered, then the current government will be increasingly regarded as unresponsive, wilfully ignoring the majority opinion. This is bad for politics and bad for democracy. 

It is an idea shared by many across Europe: the EU is regarded as undemocratic and bureaucratic, geared only to the prosperity of EU employees. 

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