Planning conditions such as 'holiday use' or 'agricultural worker' reduce the supply of affordable housing, distort the housing market, hamper business flexibility to change direction, and encourage illegal occupation in breach of planning laws.

Houses that have been built to building regulations (as opposed to temporary structures such as caravans) should be available to live in, or rent as holiday accommodation according to market conditions.

This idea is to offer the owners of properties suffering from these conditions the opportunity to revoke these conditions in exchange for a payment to the goverment.


Why is this idea important?

This idea is to increase the supply of affordable housing especially in the South West of England, where affordability is particularly poor. It would do so without the need to build new homes. It would allow housing to be used for its most suitable use depending on the balance of demand between holiday making or agricultural worker occupation or occupation by any sector of society

This idea would raise funds for the goverment.

This idea would remove the incentive to illegally occupy properties in breach of planning condtiions.


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