I've just returned from Copenhagen where I was impressed to see the extreme cleanliness of their city, in part due to the reduced population.

I was amazed to see homeless people collecting litter and being rewarded by the government for doing so. I know that this would surely save the councils some money for litter collection jobs, but it would hopefully generate an income for those less able to home themselves, and make the streets cleaner.

The collected waste is being recycled or turned in to compost for the farmers of Copenhagen, which I know would be very popular in our arable areas (I am in Lincolnshire where many crops are sprayed with chemicals).  This could create some revenue to fund the payments.

You can read about it here:


Why is this idea important?

We are responsible for the planet we live on, and we must try to be good guardians of it, and those that live on it.

Keeping it clean will inevitably benefit wildlife, humanity and the environment.  Particularly if the waste litter can form the basis of compost for our farmlands.

It is important to empower those who live rough or find it hard to make a start in life.  If it is not successful amongst the homeless then it could be applied to those on the doll, immigrants who have no work, or recently released criminals.

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