THe DDA is unworkable, numbers of attacks haven't decreased, 3 of the 4 dogs listed aren't resident in the UK.  The other breed isn't a registered breed but a type.

Work with major charities and organisations on rewrighting to not exclude breeds but to restrict dogs that have caused an offence.  Ensure that if the dog is prevoked into defense that is it not penalised.  If a dog has caused an offence that dog should be microchipped and the owner should have to insure against 3rd party injury at least and the dog should wear a basket muzzle in public.

Responsible dog owners should not be penalised by blanket banning or by other blanket measures.

Encourage all dog owners to attend formal training that uses up to date methods.

Why is this idea important?

Many dogs are being removed from their homes just for the way that they look, responsible dog owners take measures to ensure their dog is well cared for and trained properly.  Responsible dog owners already have their pets microchipped and insured, making this a blanket requirement is unnecessary.

Some people may provoke a dog into a defense attack, either for fun or, particularly in dog fighting circles, as they are rivals with the owner.  Dogs should be allowed to defend their homes as it is a natural instinct.  When frightened or cornered some dogs will naturally try to defend themselves, especially if they have been mishandled, this may also be the case when a dog has escaped from its home and has been chased and caught by strangers.

Restricting the movement of dogs in open spaces decreases the available socailisation to other dogs and people, therefore making dogs less able to communicate with other dogs and people and therefore more likely to defend themselves if they feel confronted.  In areas when local councils have banned dogs from open spaces there is the danger that there could be more dog attacks as the dogs have become unused to other dogs and people. 

There is a lot of scientific evidence regarding how dogs are managed and the effects it has on their behaviour, especially the studies at Bristol University.

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