Family law is a disgrace and an injustice to thousands of children and their parents.  This must be addressed to give parents equal rights over their children.  Currently many parents lose contact with their children as a result of absurd legislation and a judiciary that is ignorant of the outcomes of their decisions.  The family is an essential element of society and is being totally undermined by the law which serves to divide families and generate hardship for many parents – hardly working in the best interests of children as is claimed.

The Child Support Agency is totally inefficient, the staff intrusive and offensive.  Agencies such as CAFCASS are not acting in the interests of children at all and help to split families.

Major overhaul of the law is needed, not tinkering at the margins.  The idea that grandparents should be considered more fully is laughable given the fact that parents are often divided from their children and the law does nothing to help.

Why is this idea important?

The family structure is essential and is being undermined by unfair, poorly applied and divisive legislation.

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