If someone gains entry into a home whilst the homeowner is on holiday and changes the locks, the homeowner is currently unable to 'break back in' to his own home, and has to helplessly watch-on as those who have entered continue to occupy the property.  There are several recent examples.  The homeowner is powerless and the police cannot assist (unless, for example, the occupiers commit some kind of offence such as breach of the peace). 

The home owner (if he is the usual occupier) should be able to call on the police to remove those in his property and regain entry into his property.  Safegrauds can easily be built in to the rules to ensure that the rights of legitimate tenants are not affected.  It cannot be that difficult!

Why is this idea important?

The rules which tie the hands of the home owners have evolved from well intended principles – but the result is absolutely bonkers.  It is important because this same problem arises time and time again, causing significant and needless distress to home owners.  The law is used to protect the rights of the wrongdoer, and it needs to be rectified at long last!

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