It is ilegal to make a public protest if your children are taken away from you by social services. My proposal would be legally restore the rights of parents to protest publicly about irrevocable decisions of the state.

Why is this idea important?

Social services do make terrible mistakes and they do take away children from parents who are innocent of any crime against their children. If you do not believe me, consider the Cleveland Child abuse scandal and the disgraceful miscarriage of justice againt Sally Clark. This is not to criticise this profession in general but to err is human.

At the present time it is illegal to make a protest against your children being taken away, and there is precious little recourse to justice if this happens. The courts making the decision are in secret and there is no public scrutiny allowed to scrutinise the courts and tribunials making this decision. This means that if another terrible miscarriage of justice occurs, there will virtually be no chance of rectifying things because to even criticise the authorities is to break the law. This is truly frightening because it allows a future, possibly much less benign, British state to destroy the families of political dissidents. Bad laws cause terrible injustices.

I do understand the need for anonymity in these cases, but there must be some way that can be found to protect the rights of parents and families and anonymity. Also the outcomes for children in care are far worse than for children in stable families. The so called precautionary principle does not work here.

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  1. i would like to no how can social services take away someones child when the person hasnt been given the chance to prove she can be a good mother,my daughter was on drugs and since she found out she was pregant she changed her life around,she came off the drugs herself and cos shes blind the social workers want to destroy her life by taken her twins away,when she was 6 and a half months pregant she went into lewisham hospital with back pains, and 2 days after the midwife dropped a drip machine onto my daughters stomach and 2 days after her membrains went on 1 baby,so thay rushed my daughter to st thomas hospital because thay thought she would go into labour but with the best care from st thomas hospital my daughter carried her twins for another 2 weeks,the social workers went to see my daughter and stressed her out so much about them going to take legal action to remove my daughters twins from her,she went into labour and was rushed to delievery and had her twins at 6 and a half months was born,she stayed in hospital for 7 weeks and after thay was born she continued to stay in with her babies she didnt leave them at all,the babies was supposed to be born on 23rd april but was born pre on the 20th jan 2014, the smallest baby to be born at st thomas and great ormond street ever,my daughter has held her babies,and bonded with them and still social services want to destroy my daughters life,so im trying to get all the help i can and willing to do anythink i can for my daughter,please can you help us keep our babies,

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