Repeal all law that restricts the right to trial by Jury.  This was a fundamental part of Magna Carta but was severly restricted in the 1960's as it was alleged that it had become too ponderous in a "modern" society!  There are currently moves afoot to remove the right from libel trials.  This should be rejected.  Also Grande Juries should be reinstated, a role currently undertaken by the Solicitor General; if in place Blair and his cohorts would most certainly have faced trail.  This clearly demonstrates the role of juries in enabling subjects of her majesty to exercise real control over their elected rulers.  It was juries that frustrated the creation of an absolute monarch, Charles I and they would have fulfilled that role again in the modern era if allowed.  The limitations imposed on the right to trial by jury have never been challenged in the House of Lords/Supreme Court; a bit of a mystery.

Why is this idea important?

Juries gave ordinary subjects real exposure to the law and control over it.  It tied the law to every subject giving them a real say in its implimentation.  The legal and justice system was not a "them and us" system in the past.  The subject was in a five way partnership which exercised all the power of the state; The law, the monarch, Parliament, Judges and juries.  We can only now exercise power infrequently.

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