right to light act

Repeal the rule that allows placing a pole or scaffold tube on site,  that takes the place of the planned building.

Once this pole or scaffold has been in place for a year and a day, the builder is then allowed by law to construct any building to the height of that pole or scaffold tube.

This can all be carried out with no notice or warning to the residents effected save the pole, scaffold tube or any other erection in place to the height they will to build.

Why does this idea matter?

People need to know if their light and view is going to be blocked. 

It takes 20 years for a home to aquire the right light. A builder can rob you of this in as little as a year and a day by just putting up a pole. A pole who's purpose most people would not realilse.

The whole purpose of this rule is to allow buildings to rob the view and light from unsuspecting homeowners by stealth. 

The right to light should be part of the building regulations and planning permission processes and not be left as an expensive civil matter, to be fought by struggling citizens,  who may be old age pensioners who have lived in the same home for half a century or more.

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