When a disabled British citizen chooses to marry a spouse who is not European, the decision should be respected.

The disabled British citizen should not suffer from public bodies physical, emotional and financial distress because of their choice.

A person with a disability often has enough barriers to negotiate in life without a civil service trebbling the challenges they must face.

The right to settlement for the non European spouse should not be withheld for years and years making the marriage unequal in society to others who have either married a European or where both spouses are able bodied.

Why is this idea important?

My idea is important because disabled British citizens who choose to marry a person who is not European find themselves entangled in a myriad of bureaucratic problems which have nothing to do with their marriage.

Furthermore, public bodies ignore the impact their actions are having upon the disabled British citizen. Public bodies should not create debt, hunger, ill health and destitution within a British person's life.

Not acknowledging the disability of the British citizen from the outset can lead to many disadvantages to the married couple.

Withholding a settlement for years and years means that the couple are disadvantaged when the spouse seeks employment because employers often seek those with a settled status. The couple cannot apply for a mortgage and build a home together and the spouse cannot enter certain training programs which are only for those who are settled. 

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