So many young people cannot afford a property due to a culture of objection to new building, meanwhile older more affluent people and buy to letters have been buying up portfolios of houses driving costs up prohibitively and caused a pricing bubble that burst.


Lets build more houses.


Owning a property needs to become a right as it causes social damage (people living with people they don't want to for longer, not being able to start a family until later, stopping people from settling etc)

A step taxation system for 3rd property owners needs to be introduced to make each subsequent property that they own less profitable. 

Why is this idea important?


Investing in property is not real wealth, it's asset wealth which can burst as we have all witnessed. We need to encourage people to invest in business not bricks and mortar as this is one of the problems with UK wealth.


Young people find it impossible to buy a house these days purely because the older generation bought property in the good old days when it was all cheap and has has double digit capital appreciation for nigh on 30 years since then. Our crime was being born in the wrong year.


Lets fix this.

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