I suggest this as someone without children, but having heard of this issue from several relations and friends.


If a parent wants to photograph their own child at a scool event, such as the nativity play or sports day, or at a significant first, such as their first swimming lesson, they should not be automatically assumed to be potential pedophiles. These restrictions are often over zealously applied by local authority employees and are an infringement on our civil liberties. They also set the tone for everyone feeling they are a suspected pedophile or pervert.


Any parent wanting to photograph their own children should be allowed to do so, providing no other parent raises an objection thet their child is included. This should be a common sense matter between adults, taking responsability for their own actions, not a mandated socialist nanny state restriction!


The child protection laws are a great thing, and save many from abuse and sufferring, but how many innocent adults have had their lives ruinned by parents or children making false accusations? There shouls be greater protection within the law so that those not found guilty are protected whilst accusations are investigated fully, and so no record of the false accuastion is recorded against them.

Why is this idea important?

Parents are the best people to protect their own children. If someone suspects someone else of innapropriate behaviour, they can report that person to the police, and they should then be investigated.


The big society is one of the strongest and most persuasive new ideas in our politics for many a year, but it will succeed or fail on individuals willingness to get involved. I for one would never even consider getting involved with a youth group or such like at present, as I'd be feared of some false accusation from a child or parent ruinning my life.

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