It is unfair that individuals who have worked less than a year are allowed to be dismissed by a private organisation without any fair and legitimate reason. I have an excellent work record, having worked at a private organisation for more than half a year. Then one of the Managers who didn't like me, although I never did anything, dismissed without reason and said that as a private organisation they didn't have to give a reason. I went to the employment tribunal who said that I had a stong case for unfair dismissal, until I said I had not worked there for a whole year yet, and they said they couldn't help. That private organisations are allowed to dismiss an employee even if they didn't like the colour of their shoe without any reason are allowed to dismiss you if you have worked less than a year is horriffying.

In private organisations individual employees aren't protected by any enforceable civil liberties such as the right to work. A conservative government only talks about the freedoms of businesses, but it is often at the expense of the right's of individual employees when they have the freedom to destoroy people's livelyhood with no reason and abuse it. Please can you extend the law so that an unfair dismissal can be extended to workers who have been employed less than a year aswell. I'm hoping the Liberal Democrats will balance out improving the rigt's of employees in private business because this is unfair and destructive practice.

Why is this idea important?

I have been unable to get another job because I have to declare I have been dismissed where the assumption is I did something wrong. When in actual fact it is because my manger didn't like me and knew that she did not have to give a reason as a private organisation to dismiss me if I had worked less than a year. THis shows the importance of extending the law of people being able to claim unfair dismissal for employees who have worked less than a year aswell, as I worked more than half a year which has not only been wasted effort but has destroyed my employment prosopects elsewhere because they were able to dismiss me with no just cause.

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