Idea 1:   Dispose of Road Tax and add the use of roads to the cost of fuel.

A fairer system which will:

a)  Dispose of many Civil Servants who are involved in issuing Tax Registartion, etc.

b)  Will ensure those who use the roads the most will pay more duty.

c)  Will reduce Police time and manpower to monitor if vehiles are road taxed.

d)  Long term will produce more tax revenue.

Etc, etc.


Idea 2:   Create all Insurers to create a Disc, as per road tax disc, with every Motor Insurance Policy issued.

The disc is then to be posted in the vehicle window as current Road Tax Disc.

a)   Will ensure no Insurance dodgers.

b)  Will reduce the chance of uninsured being involved in accidents.

c)  Will reduce Police time to check if vehicles insured.

Etc, etc.

Both above ideas will release Police manpower and to enble the serious issues of policing and crime to be better addressed. Police on the beat, serious crime having time dedicated to it, etc.

Why is this idea important?

Too much time and burecarcy spent on motoring issues. Specifically where the Police are involved.

Both ideas simple to implement could be in place within 12/24 months.

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