Large Goods Vehicles are creating  massive congestion problems on Motorways and Duel Carriageways. They often block traffic for long periods of time as they jockey for position at the most rediculous times and locations for example when negociating inclines, when approaching intersections and in rush hour traffic. This is a major problem when it occures on duel carriageways

As in Germany I should like to see LGV's restricted from both the middle lane of motorways and the outside lane of duel carriageways except in designated areas and at designated times of the day. This should/could be extended to include restricting LGV's travel during weekend periods except for those carrying perishable goods. 

Why is this idea important?

We are spending millions on new roads and upgrading roads to deal with the traffic jams. Most of them are caused by inconsiderate driving practices. The knock on affect is long tail backs as traffic flow is substantially restricted because the only lane on motorways that are left for other traffic is the outside lane. When this happens on a duel carriageway the whole system becomes completly grid locked. On Motorways one lane is simply insufficient to cater for the slower driving public forced to move into it in order to get past these vehicles.

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  1. Many longer distance goods vehicles (and indeed cars, vans and caravans) would use motorways overnight if it were not for the excessive parking charges at the service stations if their drivers stop for a break. It would also make for safer driving as falling asleep in a car park is much safer than falling asleep while driving!. I have seen wheel clampers out at 3am in heavy snow in motorway service stations and I was forced to get back on the motorway in heavy snow to escape one.

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