If Rogue Freeholders commit criminal acts they should be arrested and charged. This would make them think twice about breaching peoples leases, extortion, invalid insurance or bordereaux insurance rip offs. Also issuing false (fraud) invoices and threatening people if they question anything or stand up to them.

Criminal and fraudulent acts that are committed with the knowledge that they will be protected if found out and exposed.
Currently it is evident that these people can do as they choose and are protected – Councils/Police/LVT etc etc… the bigger the Landlord the more protection they have.

Why is this idea important?

Because there are too many leasehold properties in the UK that are controlled by these people who are no more than crooks in suits.  Apparently the problem is rife but no-one in authority is doing anything about it.

Many Freeholders and Landlords act within the Law and there is no problem.

But for those who act outside the Law and cause problems for their tenants/leaseholders they need to be dealt with in the same unemotional way in which they operate.

2 Replies to “Rogue Freeholders”

  1. All rogue freeholders must be exposed! Someone needs to have a programme on exposing them such as Watchdog where they are named and shamed

  2. I would like to start a campaign regarding rouge freeholders. I am currently experiencing the legal sharp practice, intimidation and witch hunt for my lease. Of course freeholders know that the law is on their side and are blatant in practice that you suggest regarding forged invoice receipts.

    My recourse to mine was to take to the property tribunal, after two Years I came out a bit better than the freeholder would have wished but never the less am 30 thousand pounds worse of. The works for which the monies were deemed necessary were never done, some were but not to any standard, now I have a furthe demand of 16.000 that I am currently contesting. I am in constant threat of a 146 notice being served. I need money to fight this freeholder as he has to fight me but he is experienced at this and although I am catching up I have much to lose. I need to expose him to find out who else has experienced these things but am just not sure where to start?

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