Local Government Councils (County, Unitary, District, Borough, National Park, Parish) should be reminded and have clear thresholds imposed as to what they can and should get involved in. 

This should be restricted to what is their ability and function is in terms of REGULATORY roles. They should therefore be stopped (unless special licence is given) from wandering into other areas which maybe of interest to them as a corporate body, but which do not serve the people.

I would take for example the desire so many councils have for publicising themselves, paying for designer concept logos, leaflets telling the public how great they are (the council tax bill statement is all that is needed in this regard), putting their names on every bit of land, building, street sign, litter bin, they own.

Apart for knowing who to pay our council taxes to, and what that covers (part of open government and accountability) we don'r need to know that one council does this and another does that because they brandish their named everywhere, all we need is an efficient organisation to carry out the essential tasks in a cost effective manner.

If this means that one council does the bin collecting for another council area, so be it, but we don't need to know all the details, just that the job is being done as we, the public, expect and require.


Another example, appointing five-figure salaried 'Communications Directors' , 'European Officers', and similar corporate style posts. What value do they offer the public, what benefit do they give to carrying out the services that Councils are there to do ? 

Why is this idea important?

Reduce the size of government, concentrate government on what its focus should be in serving the local populous with the key services and regulatory functions that are necessary in the 22nd century.

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