At the moment travelling by train during the rush hour, when most people are going to work, is the most expensive time of the day to travel.  Fares reduce once the rush hour is over and yet the journeys taken in off-peak are far more pleasant and enjoyable as people have more room.

My idea is to reverse this, to make the less pleasant, busiest and yet economically most important journeys the cheapest to take, whilst those trips that people take for purely pleasure more expensive if necessary.

At the moment there is a kind of economic discrimination against those of us who go to work during the rush hour while the ladies (and gents) of leisure have their fares subsidised by the rest of us

Why is this idea important?

If we want to get the economy going again we need to remove all barriers we can and the cost of travelling to work and back again can be a deterent to people who would otherwise be working.  If we reduce this cost work will become more economically attractive.


It works this way in some major European cities, where the governements value the workers more than the shoppers.

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