The government need to take a long hard look at the way social services works &  family courts work. There needs to be public scrutiny of these actions to prevent children being removed when parents are silly enough to ask for support, whilst leaving other children in dangerous homes because social workers are too scared of the parents.

Why is this idea important?

In my experience social services can & do lie to a court to ensure they get the outcome they want. The weight of evidence needed to remove children from their family is less than that of obtaining a criminal conviction, but the effects are far more devestating. There should be rules put in place so family law solicitors can not represent parents & local authorities as this compromises a solicitors ability to effectively represent a parent because they are constantly trying not to upset the local authority to ensure they continue to be employed by them.

Family courts need to be opened up to public scrutiny because many social workers rely on the veil of secrecy to bully parents. If a parent speaks out about it they can be sent to prison for revealing information about the case. There is little or no protection for accused parents, especially men. Social workers can use hearsay evidence & use their own paranoia not backed up with facts to persuade a court to remove children & there is nothing parents can do about it. Often inaccurate records are held by social services who refuse to amend them so when the case gets handed on to another social worker they are using the same misinformation against the parent.

There also needs to be rules on consistency put in place to prevent social workers from being persistently moved around to avoid responsibility when they screw up. My family endured 15 social workers in an 18 month period. It is especially important for struggling families to have a consistent worker working with them to build up trust so that the family can be helped, not just become another statistic to bump up the departments targets (the filfilling of which ensures government funding).

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  1. agree completly – family proceedings open to public – no constant social worker changes
    also i think potential of emotional abuse at some point in the future should be scrapped as a viable reason – this reason for removal has destroyed almost 3 years of my daughters life – now a revokation is filed for me to get her back days before adoption – her younger sisters are at home – why not her before i am reassessed to see how i cope with 3 – if one child comes home they all should – normal parents do not get this many assessments – its the kids lives destroyed if one mistake is made

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