sack the liars why should these people get paid, waste of £££  while people who need dla or esa dont get it because of there reports, I have fibromyalgia, and had two home vist for dla  done by atos doc both reports where full of lies,according to them I dont suffer from fatigue, PAIN, stiffness irritable bowels,exhaustion,dizziness,cramp,nerve damage,the list goes on, I have supporting evidance from on doc pain clinic, OCP, I have things like bath lift, stair rails, cruches stool,none of this wasin the report. IVE been fighting to get dla since 2007 this is not fair that there docs have more say then mine,  , I have three young son and have had fibro all my life but over the last ten years its got worse Iam sick to death asking for help, everthing is a fight,these people dont help they just make it worse for desent  honest people to get help  



Why is this idea important?

no point in wasting £££ for false,untrue reports, these help no one but them

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