It is time that British football came out of the dungeons with regards to how match-going football supporters are treated.

Safe Standing areas should be introduced to stadia, as it is supported by 9 out 10 fans. It does not mean that fans will be forced to stand, but give all supporters the choice to either sit (in designated seating areas) or stand (in designated standing areas).

It is not a return to terracing – with the appropriate ticket controls and safety bars along each row of supporters there is no chance of anything close to another Hillsborough disaster.

This technology and acknowledgment of the important for supporters to have a choice of sitting or standing has been implements successfully in Germany and has been running very well for a number of years in many grounds.

Why is this idea important?

Supporters are fast losing their love for the game for many different reasons, but not being able to stand at football grounds is a major reason for this.

We're told it's unsafe to stand at a football ground, yet if a rugby match or concert takes place at a football ground there are no restrictions on standing there. We're told it's unsafe to consistently stand but fans are permitted to leap into the air and jump around to celebrate goals in seating areas. The laws on standing are mixed and confusing. Everything could be helped greatly by allowing all fans the chance to choose between sitting and standing safely.

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