People who have a criminal record and are not a risk to children should not be suspended from working with children.

Why is this idea important?

Since the advent of the Criminal Records Bureau many a person have been suspended from partaking in childrens activities. Although the suspended may well have a criminal conviction it is not neccessarily the case that the convicted is actually a risk to children. For a person to have gone to court and be convicted and punished is one thing. To have an authority like the Football Associations CRB Unit suspend adult volunteers who have a criminal record, are not a risk to children who then have the FA CRB Unit contact all and sundry exclaiming that the said person is suspended from all U16 football activities with no explanation is totally and completely out of order and by doing so infers the said person is a risk to children when in actual fact the said person is not a risk to children. Legally this should not be acceptable as it apparantly is the case at present.

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