There are numerous regulations requirement the need for risk assessment and it is becoming too complicated for business managers to keep on top of

eg General, Substances, Noise, Pregnancy, Young Perons, Working at Heights, First Aid, Personal Protective Equipment, Work Equipment, Asbestos,Electricity, Water Hygiene, Manual Hnadling and VDU

The above list affects all Small businesses employing more than 5 people

Why not have one legal requirement to risk assess HAZARDS and spend the time producing clearly business guides to indicate the SAFETY expectations for offices, restaurants, hotels, petril stations, supermarkets etc etc

Your not going to dilute safety, just make it easier to understand and that is the key

ps I am a Safety Consultant  


Why is this idea important?

Remove the pressure on businesses and maintain a sensible better understood safety legal system. Hoping this will assist Lord Young ???

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