Why is there no punishment at schools for using 'gay' in the wrong context?

Or using the word 'Faggot'. How and why is it possible for someone of 16 or any age to get away with using 'faggot' to describe someone whereas if anyone used the word 'ni**a' they would be fined or kicked out of class or worse?

I want to know why there is not a suitable punishment for homophobia compared the punishment of racism? 

There is already a lot more homophobic bullying in schools and i want to know what this new government is going to do to try and change that.

Why is this idea important?

It is important people many people are taken to therapy over homophobic bullying. People and children are made to feel bad about being homosexuals and are made to feel that they cannot be open and proud in this ever changes environment.

It is important because we have changed so many laws about gender and race but there are no laws against homophobia, or being rejexted from a job because you gay?

Why should our culture just accept homophobia and homophobic bullying when we do all that is humanly possible to cut out other things as gender stereotypes and racism?

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