Repeal Undertaking Law and amend to Law against Centre Lane driving.

At great expense the UK government is widening the uk road network when there is a lane on all Roads (Motorways) not being used to its potential alread in exisitence!

The Laft-Hand lane or more commonly known as the 'Slow Lane'.

Centre-Lane drivers are incompetent, selfish or nervous drivers! They will be one of these. The rest of us normal drivers have to stomach ever increasing taxes on ourselves to fund these individuals who make most of us steer around them often having to use the faster right-hand lane making somestimes emergency services slow down for us trying to avoid the selfish individual tootling along merrily in the centre lane when the laft hand lane is empty!

The amazing thing here is that there is a law against continuing down the slow lane but not a law to 'Continue' on the centre lane!

Woe be tied those who 'Undertake' in the safety of the left hand lane!!!

Here Endeth My Rant!

Francis Hegarty

Why is this idea important?

Improve Safety On Motorways.

Target truely dangerous, Selfish and incompetent drivers by mailing fines to their homes!

Stop penalising Safe, Normal and consiensious drivers trying to avoid these numbskulls.


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