There are only 2 partners in the education process – teachers and children. Only the mutual co-operation of both parties will ensure success. For this to occur there needs to be an incentive for both groups.

Children should be required to 'pass,' each Year Group, before being allowed to progress to the next. Thereby offering them an incentive to work hard all year and not waste the opportunities they are given.

Teachers need to be required to work as equal partners towards a shared goal – many seem overly occupied with a misconcieved job of judging thier colleagues. This is unhelpful, unprofessional and severely impeeds any prospect of their gaining from the experiences of others. Teachers tend to overwork, as a result, and 'burn out,' early on in their careers. They need a completely different trainning experience to help them overcome this. The current provision doesn't give enough depth of professional expertise, a 2/3 year Masters Level degree is required, in addition to 3 years + school-based training, supervised by experienced colleagues and University Staff. This would help alleviate oft heard myths such as: 'we've covered that (topic/idea).' They may have, 'taught it,' 6 months ago, but did the children learn, 'it,' can they still recall it and use it in new contexts? My guess is, no!

This situation has perpetuated because of political rhetoric. Education should be evidence-based, i.e. prove assertions, based on current research . It should be clear by now that, 'telephone directory,' sized curricula, only begets unconfident, clerk-type, teachers and learners. If you want teachers to be political clerks, pay them accordingly 15 – 20k and save the country some money. My preference is for re-establishing the proffessional base in the teaching profession. Thereby ensuring that our teachers confident practitioners who can help our children compete on an international stage.

OFSTED must be disbanded, I have personal knowledge of individual who inspect lessons for which they have lesser qualifications than the teacher they are inspecting, have NEVER taught the subject NOR age stage. What a waste of money!

Why is this idea important?

I feel that my proposals to re-establish autonomy and professionalism amongst teachers and learners are important because they are, arguably, the only way to ensure that standards are continuously raised, without spending more money.

My proposals to disband OFSTED will save an average salary of 50k per inspector and will not touch standards at all – in educational terms, a 'no-brainer!' Perhaps resource libraries based in community libraries, for teacher's and children's use, merely redistributing current resources, would do far more to raise standards.

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