I suggest that we get rid of all PCSO's as they have little power on the street and are seen as a huge cost to the taxpayer.  Before PCSO's there was police being recruited in all forces all the time and since labour's introduction of them to police the streets on the cheap we have had no value for money.  real police are caught up doing paper work whilst the PCSO's patrol the street with no power.

They are on a huge wage and if we cut all of them we could save billions across the country and maybe very soon increase real polic numbers.  This was a Labour ploy to police the streets on the cheap by civilians.  This is not how it should be done.

Why is this idea important?

It will save the country billions and get respect back into the police service.  We have over paid civilians here with no power it is madness to keep them and I think I have the backing of most of the police officers.  I was a police officer 12 years and they are not liked as a position in the force.

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  1. You’ve got my backing, also need to look at the over paid civilian staff. Do we need a Head of HR on £120000 a year £5000 less then the chief, or a media department of 20 people, 15 survey staff who phone victims of crime to see what they think of the service they received, when there is only 5 officers covering a population of 20000 people. Did the 18 million pound spent on Blackberry handset really need to be wasted on equipment that most officers refuse to carry as they don’t work. PCSO’s and council wardens need to be cut, If the government wants to keep these roles and lower police officers numbers, then it is going to be very interesting when the PCSO’s and wardens go on strike and leave the county at risk of even more riots. Put things back to how they were 10 years ago before labour took over, yes cut the over sized police budgets and lower the amount of civilian staff. Policing is simple, prevent crime & catch those who commit it. Any other task that has been dumped on the police over the last few years should be stopped, they are not council issuing tickets for littering or probation workers who need to babysit some unruly child.

  2. BAD IDEA to get rid of PCSO’S. They are the only ones that do any actual Police work regardless or not whether they have powers. When do you see REAL ONES walking or cycling the streets, YOU DONT !!!!!!!!!!

    1. What a load of absolute twaddle! “They are the only ones who do any real Police work?” I think you ought to put down your G & T and get into the real world! Real Police Work? Standing around in the foyer of the local Asda, working for them! And being paid for the privilege of doing it. Yeah right! REAL Police work. Going home when it’s dark? Who are the ones who do the REAL Police work after ten then. And the reason you don’t see REAL Police Officers on the street is because the government have cut them to the bone. And no. I am not a loony leftie. I am an Ex Police Officer!

  3. pcso’s are on £26k +!!! For walking around and attending coffee mornings! Pcso’s are part of the government agenda of policing on the cheap. They even drive around in marked police cars. I have even seen on two occasions pcso’s in a marked police car stopping other drivers, totally illegal! Pcso’s don’t cut crime they don’t catch drink drivers, burglars, rapists etc in fact they don’t catch anything bar colds. Oh and by the way working days doesn’t prevent crime!

  4. PCSO the eyes and ears out in public interacting with the public building bridges within communities. They are very important to efficient policing. Detecting and deterring crime. They know the youths that are good they know the youths that are going wrong! They know the criminals that are operating an area and do the initial leg or cycle work that leads to arrests of people in the process or going equipped for crime. Why the negative reviews! Criminals dislike PCSO’s because they are out there stoping them and getting them searched! When there are only a few cells at each station why comments about powers? Powers and policies keep police in front of computers doing paperwork all day. Like all things variety is essential. Any PC that makes remarks about PCSO’s. Take a good long look in the mirror. Are you an efficient person, are you making best use of your time, are you giving value for money, are you part of an efficient team or are you part of history unable to change unable to adapt unable to make use of the tools that you have? Let he without sin throw the first stone! There are very few PCSO’s left value them for the excellent work that they do!

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