This government is spending millions each year providing massive subsidies to the on-shore wind farm industry which are not even an efficient means of generating "green" electricity. Private "green energy" developers are now threatening to ruin huge swathes of rural England with monstrous industrial sized turbines which are over 130 metres tall (1.5 x the size of Big Ben) in completely inappropriate sites, which aren't even particularly windy and which are extremely close to thousands of local residents. Hundreds of local campaign groups are now springing up all over the country to fight these planning applications because these developers are just interested in one thing and that's MONEY. They have no consideration whatsoever for the people whose lives would be blighted by these massive Power Stations but becuase of the subsidies they receive they can bribe landowners with rents of £25,000 per turbine per annum. These turbines can be built just 800 metres away from hundreds of residents, even though in Scotland there is already a law that these turbines cant be closer than 2 Kms. This is completely outrageous and the goverenment should be ashamed if it doesnt legislate where these Power Stations can be built.

Why is this idea important?

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