Dear sir / madam, 

I am a junior barrister who has considerable experience of the Magistrates' Court.  I think you could save money in the following ways; 

– abolish committal hearings, just request a 6(1) committal if necessary. 

– Stricter criteria for police before they refuse bail.  The majority of overnight cases which custody sgnts refuse bail on get bail with conditions in the Magistrates' Court the next day.  

– All legal advisor's to be in court and available to deal with matters under delegated powers where appropriate, then the bench can be in at 10.00am on the dot. 

– All Magistrates' Courts to open at 9.00am and all prosecutors to be available to serve papers at 9.00am enabling cases to start promptly at 10.00am.  


Many thanks, 

Frances Ridout

Why is this idea important?

Basic, simple changes to procedure which can save time and money.

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