As things stand Cigarette machines will be banned from October next year, the main argument against them is that under eighteens use them, however, legislation is already in place to deal with this as by law machines must be in view from the bar in a supervised area. Personally I would welcome this law to be more vigorously enforced because I know that many vendors abuse the law and fit machines any where, also I would welcome Trading Standards doing more test purchases. If this ban does come in it will leave things wide open to the guys selling smuggled/stolen Tobacco, who certainly do not in most cases care what age there customers are. I must comment on the current smoking ban, a couple of months ago my wife and I spent a few days in Amsterdam where common sense prevails; the large bars have separate smoking rooms where staff do not enter and the small bars can allow smoking throughout as long as the licensee does not employ anyone, how can this be wrong ? it was lovely not to see groups of people crowded outside the entrances smoking and littering the area as happens in this country,I am a non smoker and certainly would not want a return to the 1970`s/80`s when I would get home stinking of cigarette smoke but surely a compromise can be reached which would go some way to help save our ailing pubs.

Why is this idea important?

It is important to supervise and control the sale of tobacco products which the current laws certainly do but don`t let these obsessed extremists drive it underground making rife the sale of smuggled, stolen and counterfeit products.

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