CRB checks should be restricted only to people who work directly and regularly with children. They should also be scaled back so that the only offences revealed in a check are relevant ones, eg: sexual offences or violent offences against children.

Why is this idea important?

CRB checks are being grossly misused, causing people to be barred from hundreds of jobs because of irrelevant, petty offences they committed years ago. The system makes a mockery of rehabilitation. It doesn't do much to protect children either – the fact is, most offences against children happen within families. The last government tried to legislate paedophiles out of existence and in doing so have created a poisoned, unjust society where many adults are frightened to have anything to do with kids and a conviction for shoplifiting is seen as being as important as one for rape. Will this government do anything about it or are they too scared of the tabloids to try?

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