To stop people bidding on housing it is not a fair system and causing over crowding some people are getting house unfairley . Every week thousand of people bid on houses thinking theres hope saddly most people are disaponted which causes people to be depressed an low.

Its like a lottery draw which it shouldnt be these are peoples lives some of which live in difficult living conditions.Why not do it the old way at least then people hopes get crushed.

Why is this idea important?

It would help alot of people not to get there hopes up  also causing strain and tension on peoples lives an relationships i really do hope u give this idea some thought as it may help alot of people from disapointment each week.

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  1. You mean “Choice Based Letting”.
    Many councils are moving to this.
    It does allow potential tenants to see what is available and increases transparency.
    However I totally agree that it leaves to many many people disappointment as demand exceeds supply… so we should therefore do one of two things…… increase supply of council housing or decrease the demand for social housing by decreasing the rent for private housing….

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