Repeal the act raising school leaving age to 16 to allow non academic young people to learn 'on the job'.  At the same time repeal the act stopping National Service and change it to Community Service for all young people when they leave full time education. 

Why is this idea important?

If young people have not learnt basic skills by the age of 14 / 15  it is pointless keeping them in school, frustrated and building up problems.  Well organised work would give all young people the opportunity to find their way in the world of work and start a culture of work, not unemployment, with it's associated hopelessness.  Graduates and less educated people would learn to mix together and  respect each other if such a scheme was well organised.

There is work, at home and abroad, that could be found without affecting employment.  Running the scheme would provide employment and a large part of the cost could be met from the reduced benefits needing to be paid.  There would also be a saving as less teachers would be needed.

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