School uniforms have gone completely and utterly out of control.

In a GSCE year of school, me and my classmates are not allowed to go in lessons which are crucial to our exams and learning if we are wearing clothes made of the wrong material.

School uniforms are often hot and uncomphortable, when talking about uniforms teachers always say how smart it makes us look…Why does that matter? A school is a place of comphorted learning, in a world where theres no air conditioning in schools and broken heaters, Children should be allowed to dress appropriatley for the weather, obviously schools have the opportunity to put patronising rules into place such as no swearing etc.


We are told we are adults (or young adults) over and over again, IWe're told how we're treat like adults and given responsibility, how is forcing us into communist-type uniforms helping in any way?


Also children are asked not to come into school if they have an 'unapporopriate' hair colour…REALLY…? If someone has say…a star shaved into their head, it's not allowed and must be shaved out. If someone gets say purple streaks in their black hair…No allowed.

Why is this idea important?

Removing children from CRUCIAIL GSCE lessons because of their clothing is RIDICULOUS.


Children should be free to dress how they like and express themselves appropriatley…

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