My understanding was the GCC was supposed to protect patients rights. Currently there are people within the profession who would limit chiropractic to musculoskeletal pain syndromes which I believe it failing patients to protect numerous patients who will lose life saving and quality of life care if these people are sucessful.

Why is this idea important?

How does this protect the children I care for with cerebral palsy who have had life changing quality of life improvements? What do I say to their mothers? Do I turn them away – because there are no RCTs to “prove” that what I do is safe and effective. These mothers don’t care about RCTs they care about their childrens health!

What do I say to the person who no longer gets crippling migraines, but needs to see me twice a month to maintain that situation due to the stresses in their life?

What do I say to the women who finally sleep properly, as long as she gets regular care?

How do I explain to the 66 year old who is learning finally that it’s ok to cry and to feel and to put herself first. She has NO MEDICAL DIAGNOSIS other than a really tough life that taught her to protect and not to feel. With regular care her quality of life is transformed as subluxation reduces. I could not design a study to prove what she is experiencing!

I think that the GCC is failing in it’s duty of care to protect patients. The problem is they should be protecting them from the members of the profession who have NO IDEA about the power of chiropractic because they never adjust anyone enough to see the miracles that can happen.

If a physio stopped treating someones knee just because the pain was gone but the knee was still stiff. He would be called incompetent. Yet members of our profession think that it’s ok to leave the spine stiff, restricted and dysfunctional as long as it’s pain free.

I don’t believe the GCC has members who understand what they are regulating. We need a GCC committee that has REAL professionals on the board who can protect our public and allow chiropractic to save and transform lives – like it has been doing for the last 100+ years.

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