Brake up Britain and allow full integration into the European Union, Keeping us separate as one entity will always cause problems within the E.U community, as separate states we will bring our own weight to the table, giving us the influence gained based on our own merits, such as Germany and France.

Why is this idea important?

Europe is our future and to say anything else is delusional, one economy, one military, one constitution, one goal on climate effects control etc, the only way for us to continue is together and we need to integrate more.  Britain as an entity is blocking this progress for 500 million Europeans, is almost slowing this progress and, on occasion diverting us away from this inevitable truth, If we are to exist as a species.  Science and technology are the future too, but a smarter approach to hardware is needed, resources must manageable.  As individual states we could manage an economical relationship that would ensure our common democratic and social values are upheld.  We do not need 3 tiers of government, if this government is serious about waste then remove this costly expenditure from all our pockets. 

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