Britain has dozens of laws restricting consenting adults' sexual behaviour, from the Disorderly Houses Acts of 1751 through to the law banning the downloading of extreme pornography of 2009.

The mail problem is that, although prosecutions are quite rare, people live in fear and are afraid to enjoy themselves to the full. For example, many people still think that prostitution is illegal, which means the wonderful service provided by many sex workers is never acknowledged, they have to work in isolation and secrecy, and fearful people do not use their services even though they really feel the need.

Many disabled people are forbidden to enjoy sex because of this ignorance.

I was very impressed that the Lib Dems came to me for advice when they were creating their policies on prostitution and pornography – the only political party to do so. I am happy to offer more advice if asked.

Why is this idea important?

Sex is something highly valued by most people and yet we allow the government control what they may and may not do. Controlling people's sexuality is a perfect way to control society.

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