This quango earns £80 million plus a year from the DWP to assess claimants for benefits medically. Many claimants are very disabled, have had months of treatment and surgery and are still under the care of NHS surgeons and GPs yet the DWP in their wisdom still ask for ATOS assessments.

The assesments are made by so called professionals who have been on a three day training course. Some are doctors, some are nurses aome are simply clerks. I know of numerous cases where the assessment has been so innaccurate and incorrect that appeals have been made.

Many of the appeals have been upheld but no one fines or deducts money from Atos and claimants are not given an explanation from the DWP, only from Atos. The DWP simply send out forms and start the whole ridiculous process all over again.

Why is this idea important?

This system is another |Blair/Brown totalitarian nonsense that second guesses NHS surgeons and GPs in an attempt to catch people who are genuine claimants and prevent them from claiming benefits..

It is a bureacratic muddle; form filling and red tape nonsense costing well over the £80 million ATOS get. The DWP and appeals tribunals and lawyers are all paid by HM gov as a rsult of employing ATOS. Surely experienced surgeons and GPs are far better qualified to make an assessment than the idiots I have encountered in Atos.

I am about to sue them for damages and for falsifying reports and for gross incompetence in assessing my case wrongly. I hope I am not he only one.

This cost and red tape nightmare needs to be purged immediately.

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  1. The Government say ATOS Healthcare was given the contracted job of getting rid of fraudulent claimers costing the tax payers £millions a year in false benefit claims, but if that were true, then why didn’t the Government just assess all the DWP employee’s to find out why they couldn’t check medical records and stop benefit fraud themselves, and also, if ATOS Healthcare were really fulfilling their Government contract, they wouldn’t have over 46% per year of appeal’s against their decisions upheld and benefits reinstated to real disabled people that were deliberately lied about on their ATOS Healthcare medical assessment reports! ATOS Healthcare is just another Nazi Action T4 program to get rid of disabled persons in the country. just wait for the train with no windows to come and fetch you for a day out and have your hair washed in the gas chambers!

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