Child benefit is being used to support people who don't want to work. They have many children just to get the hand outs. We don't need a population of under educated feral children By restricting the payments they would stop people  breeding just for the money. This may seem harsh but it is true. Also by giving the benefit to everyone with children is also wasteful. My husband and I are in good jobs and don't really need it. It is very nice to get something for nothing but just think how much can be saved.

Really needy cases should be helped but this is the nanny state gone mad. When I was young, there was no benefit for the first child. We managed fine and lived within our means. Pensioners are not given the handouts which young potential workers get and they have usually contributed much more to society.

Why is this idea important?

We need to save money and this would help in many areas. Smaller population unless people can afford a large family. Less social problems. Less pressure on the housing and education sectors.People would change their values, hopefully for the better.

Even our poor people are not poor by other countries' standards. We need to revert to some of the old values. We have free family planning so there is no excuse for large poor families.

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