Please repeal the regulations which prevent removal of water meters once installed.

Why is this idea important?

The current situation is grossly unfair. Neighbours can get bills hundreds of pounds different annually: one (metered) can be frugal yet pay much more, while another (not metered) constantly sprinkles lawns, washes cars, fills paddling-pools – and pays much less.

It is an affront to personal freedom. How can it be fair that I am not permitted to remove a water meter, when my neighbour doesn't have one?

By all means encourage saving water. But let's all be in it together! Compulsorily metering some people but not others puts a disproportionate burden on them to make the savings.

It could also be a public health issue. Poorer (but metered) people may skimp on washing, toilet-flushing etc. Elderly people, or anyone, might risk dehydration by being too worried about the cost to take a drink. Metering also discourages washing-out recycled bottles etc.

People should be allowed the freedom to choose. True freedom – not only when their choice matches what Water Companies want them to do!

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