I have been a bus driver for 36 years.  Last year a new law (or new regulations) came in.  In order to renew my licence next time I will have to undergo 35 hours of "instruction" to gain a Certificate of Professional Competence.     I have to date completed 7 hours of this 35 and the instruction I received was a complete waste of time.  I learnt nothing new.  I learned nothing that would make me do my job either different or better.

Is there a need for established drivers to receive this type of instruction?

I'm lucky, my firm pays me to attend this instruction but other bus drivers not only lose pay but have to pay for the instruction.

Scrap it NOW

Why is this idea important?

1) Will save loss of drivers wages whilst attending. (where not paid by the company)

2) Will remove financial burden from drivers who have to pay for this instruction

3) Will save companies money as they will not have to find replacement drivers while their drivers are away receiving instruction

4) Will save companies money by not needing to provide this instruction.

5) Returns to a system that worked for decades before this instruction was made a requirement

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