This new government pays lip service to restoring civil liberties and yet fully endorses one of the most illiberal anti-civil liberties piece of legislation devised by the previous government, probably also supported in parliament by the current government when it was in opposition.

The e-borders programme has already been declared contrary to EU legislation by the EU commission and also by the Home Affairs committee of the British parliament. In particular, the Advanced Passenger Information directive, used by the government as a basis for e-borders ONLY APPLIES TO NON-EU TRAVEL, i.e. journeys to and from outside the EU.  E-borders is also against the principle of freedom of movement, although this is anecdotal as the British government already has demolished that principle left, right and centre by being the only EU country to refuse to join Schengen, the only way to implement TRUE freedom of movement of human beings inside the EU, i.e. non-policed and universal. 

Why is this idea important?

This idea is important ONLY if this government wants to have any resemblance of credibility when it says that it intends to restore the freedoms demolished by the previous government. It is obvious that this is not the case. It only intends to restore those freedoms that it finds to their liking. It has no intention of restoring, or rather introducing, freedoms that it does not like, for example the non-policed and universal freedom of movement of human beings inside the EU that all other EU countries already enjoy (with the exception of Ireland which is the UK's Schengen hostage).

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