Social workers remove too many babies and young children without good reason.They are seldom refused emergency protection orders by magistrates who take no chances but never hear what parents have to say until 2 or 3 days later!

These orders should be abolished and child removals should be left to the police who should only do so if armed with a police protection order to show to the parents.Police should only apply for such an order if they can show reasonable grounds for believing the baby or young child is at serious risk of significant physical harm;

Why is this idea important?

Too many children are removed from parents without due cause The new senior family court judge L.J.Wall said in a recent case that social workers were removing children from parents for no good reason.A colleague L.J.Aiken sitting with him on another case descibed the actions of social services as like the times of Stalin and Mao !

If that is what the judges think it must be time for a change !

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