Thousand of babies and young children are taken by social workers from their mothers for "risk of emotional abuse".These children are then ordered by compliant judges to be freed for adoption by complete strangers.If parents complain publicly they are jailed (around 200/year according to Harriet Harman) ,and more recently for sending birthday cards or waving as their children passed by in a taxi ! The UK is the only EU country with forced adoption(against the will of parents)  except "possibly Portugal" according to Baroness Hale in a House of Lords case and it is time for 3 reforms to remedy these flagrant injustices.

1:- In the interests of free speech the legal GAG on parents involved in family courts must be scrapped.Parents like rape victims should be FREE to make public the details of their personal histories and experiences in the family courts if they choose to do so.Parents visiting children in care should not have their conversations censored by social workers or their contact stopped if they dare to disciuss their case.

2:-Forced adoption  where parents oppose adoption in the courts) should be scrapped and all adoptions should be "open" so that birth parents know where their children are and cannot be jailed for communicating with them.Closed adoptions often mean that blameless loving parents lose track of their children for the rest of their lives because one parent may have mild learning difficulties,or be the victim of domestic violence,or quite simply being perceived likely in the future to emotionally abuse their children.FORCED ADOPTIONS AND CLOSED ADOPTIONS should be banned.

3:-A burglar facing  a possible 6 months jail can demand trial by jury ,but a mother can lose her children for life without that possibility.Judges hesitate to overule social services even when they criticise them in court probably because they themselves fear subsequent criticism whilst a jury becomes anonymous after the trial and would have no such inhibitions.In any case involving long term separation of parents and children the parents should have the right to demand hearing by a jury.Juries already act in the civil courts in libel cases and would be more than capable of deciding if children should or should not remain in the care of their parents. 

Why is this idea important?

FREE SPEECH IS VITAL IN A DEMOCRACY;It is wrong that when parents have their children removed in the family courts they are GAGGED and JAILED if they speak out.If the new government believes in free speech they should remove the gag on parents AND THEIR CHILDREN when they are involved in care proceedings in the family courts.

Family life is the cornerstone of a free democracy ,yet although the human rights act(article 8) is supposed to keep families together to enjoy an undisturbed family life UK judges pervert it to split up families by balancing the so called best interests of the children AGAINST THAT OF THE PARENTS to enjoy family life when in fact the two should coincide not be balanced so that the family is split up "in the interests of the children !

Forced ADOPTION is a crime as it inevitably concerns happy well cared for children who are good adoption material.Battered children like Baby P are never considered for adoption and their parents or carers would never go to court to try and retain them.Only parents that  really care for their children endure counless gruelling court sessions trying to recover them and the tragedy is that they nearly always lose !Child traffiking is as old as the" oldest profession" and often linked to it. Forced adoption should be abolished !

"12 MEN GOOD AND TRUE" and "judgement by one's peers" are concepts that go back to 1215 and Magna Carta ! Parents lose children to strangers on the word of one "establishment "judge and that is wrong.Such drastic legal disintegration of families demands a jury and that is a change in the law that should be introduced as soon as possible.

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