The requirements and obligations of the Fredom of Information Act are too onerous in terms of management time on large Public organisations. The requirement to respond within a specified period to all manner of meaningless requests is ridiculous.

Any public body should be required to make bugetary/expenses information publically available but that should be the extent of their obligations.

Why is this idea important?

My local NHS Hospital has at least 1 full time member of staff dealing with FOI requests and maintaining huge data bases of information on exactly where any patient details may possibly be sent and by what method.

A large persentage of the requests recieved fall outside of the request criteria but have to be responded too within the stipulated perameters regardless. Any information gathered to populate the data base is not patient specific and relates to procedures only, meaning that if there is an issue, the retained information in of no use for investigative purposes. It's collection and retention is only a means of demonstrating adhesion to the principles of the legislation, not compliance with the legislation and is useless in a real circumstance.

This excersise is not value for money.

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