Ah – that got your attention!

If you think you're going to read some sort of homophobic commentary here, you're completely wrong – nothing could be further from the truth! Let me explain….

Peter Tatchell is often described in the press as a prominent "gay rights campaigner." In fact, this is rather inaccurate. He sees himself more as a "human rights campaigner."

A "human rights campaigner" believes in everyone having the same basic rights regardless of their race, sex, sexual persuasion, religion or anything else. That's different from having specially-targeted laws for particular sections of society, such as gay people.

We have laws protecting people against prejudice on grounds of sex, race, religion, disability and sexual preference – but there are a million other forms of prejudice and we can't have laws for each of them individually!

Plus – it is discriminatory to have laws against some forms of prejudice, but not against others. Why should some people be protected against prejudice, but others not?

Why not just describe the "human rights" that apply to everyone equally?

Why is this idea important?

This "human rights" approach would drastically simplify our laws and make them fairer. Everyone should have equal protections under the law, even if they don't happen to be gay, religious or from an ethnic minority!

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