I run a small business and because I maintain customer records on a computer ( what business doesn't these days) I am forced to register for data protection with the Information Commissioners Office. Every year they charge my company £35 by direct debit and send me a letter confirming that I am registered for another 12 months.

This is a complete nonsense.

The Data Commissioners Offixce do not monitor my performance; they have no idea if i am complying with the regulations and their only purpose, as admitted to me by one of their staff, is to issue certificates and collect annual fees.

The whole department is probably costing £millions to run every year and adds no value. It should be closed, saving businesses time and money which could be invested in other things.

I also understand that Clubs , Societies and Associations also get caught up under this legislation and are forced to pay an annual fee.

By all means retain the Data Protection Act 1998 as it protects individuals having their personal details distributed to unscrupulous third parties, but scrap the need to register.



Why is this idea important?

It reduces Bureaucracy

It gets rid of a pointless administrative task.

It would save the Government money as a whole department could be closed down, getting rid of premises, overheads, HR departments, Equality and Diversity Officers, and lots of other non jobs which add no value to the economy.

It places responsibility back on the individual business owner, who would realise that they are now being trusted by the Government to maintain data, but should they misuse it the law still has the teeth to prosecute them.

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